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Lake Como is a romantic and colorful place imbued with Italian charm. It will be your destination place if you’re a travel blogger or person loving nature and stunning views.

Lake Como has much to offer its visitors and doesn’t leave anyone cold. People enjoy historic villas, mountain landscapes, and beautiful gardens, and film everything to keep these magnificent memories and share them with the world.Β It’s not only a place to relax but a perfect place to get married!

If you want to fully enjoy the wonders of Lake Como, do not forget about video-making gear. You will not regret taking a good camera, or tripod and downloading professional editing tools for generating exceptional video content.

So let’s find tips for framing your unforgettable moments into a high-quality nature video!

Simple tips for perfect nature video shooting

Want to create professional-looking Lake Como video content after you explore the beautiful Lake Como’s villages? These video-making tips will enable you to capture high-quality footage that you can later edit into an astonishing nature video.

1. Plan your video

Once you have to convey a message with your video, think in advance about what you should film more, where, at what time, etc. Your clips should relate to each other and tell a story. Capture some fascinating views, people expressing emotions, sunsets, and sunrises so that your video conveys the atmosphere of this charming place.

2. Mix compositions

You can film really impressive video content if you record wides and close-ups. It will help you diversify your landscape and lake footage and keep the audience engaged. If you have the opportunity and such skills, take a camera drone to capture Lake Como beauties from an aerial view.Β 

Videomaking tips for a Lake Como trip

3. Master manual focus

Taking the best video gear to your Lake Como trip will be useless unless you know basic filming techniques. Manual focus is a must for a perfect shot, as manual focus sometimes fails. It may be challenging at once, so train before your trip as practice makes perfect.

4. Ensure enough lighting

A professional video isn’t too dark or bright and has perfect lighting. Make the most of natural light and film during the golden hour or on a cloudy day. At these times, soft light will give your nature video a cinematic view.Β 

5. Film in small segments

You’ll facilitate your video-making, filming in small segments. Your video content will be more dynamic and engaging if you masterly put together small elements using smooth transitions.Β 

Videomaking tips for a Lake Como trip

Best tips for professional nature video editing

If you want to make video content featuring your Lake Como trip unforgettable and eye-catching, explore these effective tips. Keep your editing simple and get professional nature content.

1. Use a powerful editing tool

The right video editor is your key to success. The powerful software will facilitate video making and give a lot of editing possibilities.

If you’re a beginner in video editing, choose simple tools with basic features. Key features to look for in a good video editor are scene transitions, changing the aspect ratio, adding filters, text, effects, music, trimming, cropping, and sharing. Professional editors may consider advanced, expensive programs.

Many tools are available with a free trial, so you can benefit from the edit for some time to see if it’s worth buying.

Videomaking tips for a Lake Como trip

2. Avoid shaky footage

Another crucial piece of advice is to avoid shaky footage. That sounds simple, but how to achieve that? Shakiness makes your video content unprofessional, and a stabilization feature will help save the situation.

High-quality editing tools have an in-built option to stabilize shaky footage. The software will automatically stabilize your video and make it look professional. You can also try to golf your camera stable using a tripod, but if there’s any shakiness, editing software will improve your video.

3. Diversify your video content

If you’re a travel blogger, it doesn’t mean that your videos should include exclusively your footage. When creating a nature video, you can include someone’s content. It will make your story more engaging and enable you to diversify the content with relevant elements.

If you can’t download a video, use a Mac screen recorder or Windows recording software. Capture the screen easily but don’t forget to mention the source and the author. It may be a beautiful spot you couldn’t film, but that’s necessary for the full story, jokes, water, sky, and more.

4. Add good music

Without the right music, the most beautiful nature video will look dull. You can make the most of your editing, including charming background music that conveys the vibe of the place.

There are many stock libraries with decent audio, but some editing programs give users access to their royalty-free music libraries. You can add a voice-over to your video to tell more engaging facts about Lake Como but think about special equipment and software.Β 

Videomaking tips for a Lake Como trip

5. Use color properly

You can enhance your video color using correction and grading. It helps make video content consistent, bright, and balanced.

By choosing a good editing tool, you’ll be able to improve your video color easily. But there are certain things to consider: grading conveys mood while correction fixes video imbalances.

Try not to overwhelm your video with unnecessary details and unnatural tones. Set white balance, fix skin tones, contrast, and brightness, and enjoy your balanced footage.


Now you know how to turn your incredible footage into a professional video in a few simple steps. These tips will help you process your content using the best tools and add amazing elements to your video to make it engaging and impressive.

Don’t wait to create a fantastic nature video, keep sweet memories about your Lake Como travel and share it with your audience!

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