Lake Como

Varenna, where time stands still

Varenna is a picturesque and traditional village, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Italy.

Varenna is an essential stop for anyone wishing to visit one of the most typical and quite towns of the lake. A must if you are in Milan (from where you arrive after an hour train ride) or in Bellagio, which is just 15 minutes away by ferry.

Here’s my guide to the best things to do in Varenna, everything located within walking distance.

Discover what awaits you in Varenna, Lake Como!

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Discover Varenna

A few tips for your stay in Varenna

What to do in Varenna, Italy

The town center of Varenna
The town center

Church of S. Giorgio & Riva Grande

Villa Monastero, Varenna
Villa Monastero

Botanical garden and museum

Villa Cipressi & Castello di Vezio, Varenna
Villa Cipressi & Castello di Vezio

Secular trees and... myths!

Boat tours
Boat tours & beaches

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

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Albergo Milano, Varenna
5 best places to sleep

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Experiences & tours
Experiences & tours

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Map of Varenna

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Church of S. Giorgio & Riva Grande

Varenna, Italy | Church of San Giorgio
Church of San Giorgio
Varenna town center, Lake Como, Italy
A cobbled alley in the town center of Varenna (picture:

Piazza San Giorgio, the town center of Varenna, is home to the Church of San Giorgio

The church was built in the 14th century in a style somewhere between Romanesque and Gothic, and hosts many paintings from the late 15th and 16th century. Look down and you will see the solid pavement, entirely made of local marble.

You can head toward the lake and walk along the narrow streets branching off from Piazza San Giorgio. Be careful when walking: their flooring is made of cobblestones, and some alleys are also quite steep.

In a narrow alley called Contrada dei Sarti, right in the town center of Varenna, you will have the chance to come across Pelletteria Denti, a very typical leather shop where you can buy something special to take home (leather wallets, belts and purses are all made in Italy!).

Then, walk among the colorful houses that brighten the village and get to Riva Grande, the charming lake promenade of Varenna. You will come across a walkway that leads to the boat landing, where boats and ferries keep coming and going.

Varenna, Lake Como | Riva Grande
Riva Grande in Varenna

Botanical garden and museum

A visit to Villa Monastero is definitely one of the best things that you can do in Varenna. The villa was once an old monastery, that later became a patrician residence.

Besides being an international conference center, Villa Monastero attracts tourists from everywhere because of its beautiful botanical garden that collects many rare plant species.

By visiting this famous villa, you will also have the opportunity to see Casa Museo, a museum that gathers four centuries of history within an elegant setting, characterized by refined decorations and furnishings.

Keep in mind that Villa Monastero is open to the public from March to November only (with the exception of some special winter openings).

Between secular trees and... Myths!

Villa Cipressi

Adjacent to Villa Monastero is Villa Cipressi, a 4-star hotel near the town center of Varenna.

The complex is surrounded by secular terraced gardens that reach the shores of Lake Como, a perfect location for unforgettable weddings and holidays.

The name of Villa Cipressi originates from the beautiful and ancient cypress trees that can still be found in its gardens. Unlike Villa Monastero, this villa is currently a luxury hotel that you can book for your vacations in Lake Como.

Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Villa Cipressi surrounded by secular trees (picture:

Castello di Vezio

If you don’t mind walking, you can follow the path along the Esino River and get to Castello di Vezio, an ancient medieval fortress overlooking Varenna.

The castle houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Lariosaurus – an extinct sea reptile from the Middle Triassic period, which gave birth to a legend similar to that of the Loch Ness monster – as well as a center for the training of birds of prey.

Castello di Vezio, Varenna
View over Castello di Vezio

For nature lovers

A few kilometers south of Varenna there is the locality Fiumelatte, where a river of the same name flows through it.

The Fiumelatte River is quite peculiar; besides having a white appearance that makes one think of milk, this short river only flows between March and September, whereas it is perfectly dry during the other months.

If you love nature, you’ll be happy to know that Varenna is the perfect starting point for doing some hiking through the Grigne mountains.

One of the most loved hiking trails around Varenna is Sentiero del Viandante, a 45 kilometer path that winds around the eastern cost of Lake Como (from Abbadia Lariana to Colico).

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Private and public tours

If you are looking for private boat tours from Varenna, here are some options that may be right for you!

Looking for information about public boat service? Read my guide to boats and ferries on Lake Como.
Public boat service is perfect if you are on a day trip and want to start your journey from Bellagio, Tremezzina or other towns of the lake.

Beaches in Varenna

If you are in Varenna and want to relax on a beach, you can choose between the public beach of Fiumelatte or the Lido di Varenna-Perledo, which is equipped with sun beds, deckchairs, and a boat dock.

Discover the best beaches in Varenna!

5 best places to sleep in Varenna

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Hotel Royal Victoria, Varenna

Hotel Royal Victoria

For couples

Varennahouse, Varenna

Varenna House

For families

Hotel Olivedo, Varenna

Hotel Olivedo

For couples

B&B Il Bolentino, Varenna

B&B Il Bolentino

For couples

Albergo Milano, Varenna

Albergo Milano

For couples

The best experiences around Varenna

about Varenna, Italy

Is Varenna worth visiting?

Varenna is definitely worth a visit! It has everything that you are looking for: villas, beaches, places to hike and typical restaurants. Also, thanks to the public boat service you can easily reach other popular Lake Como’s towns such as Bellagio (15 minutes away by ferry), Tremezzina or Menaggio.

How far is Varenna from Lake Como?

Varenna overlooks Lake Como. Below is the time needed to reach Varenna from the city of Como: 

  • by boat: 1 hour and 30 minutes by slow boat, 50 minutes by fast boat
  • by car: 1 hour

Can you swim in Varenna?

Yes. The water of Lake Como off Varenna is quite clean, and you can choose between the public beach of Fiumelatte or the Lido di Varenna-Perledo.

What is there to do in Varenna, Italy?

The main attractions include:

  • Church of San Giorgio
  • Villa Monastero
  • Castello di Vezio
  • Sentiero del Viandante
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