around Lake Como

You have several options to reach Lake Como by train: it all depends on the town you would like to visit.

If you look at the map below, you immediately understand how it works – the train routes correspond roughly to the red lines – but I will try to help you as much as I can.

Whatever route you choose, I highly recommend you to plan your journey with Omio and purchase tickets in advance.

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In red: train routes around Lake Como (picture:
In red: train routes around Lake Como (picture:

Read this guide if you’re traveling to Como, Cernobbio, Argegno, Nesso, Tremezzina, Menaggio or other towns of the western area.


Jump to this section if you’re traveling to Lecco, Varenna, Abbadia Lariana, Dervio, Colico or other towns of the eastern side.


Click here if you’re traveling to Bellagio or to the nearby towns (Nesso, Lezzeno, Oliveto Lario, etc.).

Map of train stations around Lake Como

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TRAVELING TO COMO (and to the Western Branch) by train

On the western branch of the lake, the city of Como is the only one to have train stations.

Como S. Giovanni and Como Nord Lago are the two main stations: both are very close to the city center and connect Como to Milan in about one hour. Outside the stations you will find bus and taxi services, so you can easily reach your accommodation.

If you are traveling to other towns of the western branch and do not want to move by taxi, you will have to continue your journey by bus or by boat.

Como Nord Lago Station
Como Nord Lago, last stop from Milano Cadorna

Get to the the western branch by public transport

TRAIN + BUS | Best option if you have little time

If you’re traveling to a town on the left side (Cernobbio, ArgegnoTremezzina and Menaggio, among others), take the C10 bus which stops right out of the stations “Como S. Giovanni” and “Como Nord Lago”.

The bus will take you to Cernobbio in 10 minutes, to Argegno in 40′ and to Tremezzina in 50′.

If you’re traveling to a town on the right side (Faggeto, Pognana Lario or Nesso), take the C30 bus just out of the two main train stations. This bus will also take you to Bellagio in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

TRAIN + BOAT | Best if you want to enjoy the view

In case you’re traveling to Como by train and want to reach a town on the western branch of Lake Como, you can make the most out of your experience and travel by boat.

Getting around by boat is a good idea, especially if you want to reach one of the furthest destinations from Como: TremezzinaMenaggio, etc.

If you choose this option, I suggest you to arrive by train at the Como Nord Lago station, just 5 minutes walk from the pier which is located in Piazza Cavour.

TRAVELING TO LECCO (and to the Eastern Branch) by train

Traveling by train to the eastern branch of Lake Como is much easier.

There is indeed a train route that starts from Milan and passes through Lecco, Abbadia Lariana, Varenna, Colico and some other towns on the eastern side of the lake.

For this reason, if you are in Milan and want to reach Lake Como by train, this branch offers a lot of choices.

Also, Lecco (40′ by train from Milan) is an important interchange point for those who are traveling to Oliveto Lario or Bellagio: just out of the station, you will find a bus that will take you to the Pearl of Lake Como in 45′.

Train from Milano Centrale to Varenna
Train from Milano Centrale to Varenna


TRAIN + BUS | Best option if you have little time

From Como 

If you’re traveling to Como by train, then you have to take the C30 line from Como S. Giovanni station or just out of the Como Nord Lago station. The bus will take you to Bellagio in 1 hour and 10 minutes and passes through other amazing and typical towns (such as Torno, Faggeto Lario, Nesso and Lezzeno).

From Lecco

If you’re traveling to Lecco by train, go out of the station and take the Lecco-Bellagio line that will take you to Bellagio in 45 minutes. This route also passes through Oliveto Lario, Limonta and some other small towns.

TRAIN + BOAT | Best if you want to enjoy the view

You can reach Bellagio by boat from most of the towns around Lake Como. Consider that boat trips are slower and, obviously, more expensive.

If you’re traveling from Milan to Bellagio and prefer this option, I’d suggest you to get off at Como Nord Lago and reach the pier which is located in Piazza Cavour, Como (a 5 minute walk from the train station).

The cool thing is that Bellagio is right in the middle of Lake Como, and is probably the best place to go if you want to visit more towns during your holidays.

For this reason, if you are in Bellagio and want to visit Varenna or Tremezzina, just head to the pier, buy your ticket and reach the destination you want!

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  1. Donna

    From MXP Milan airport to Lecco train ticket if you buy in advance is it cheaper or same price.
    Please reply thanks
    Also how often bus from Lecco to Bellagio. I looked the timetable but it’s in Italian so had hard time to understand. Please help reply in English. Thanks really appreciate.

    1. Alessandro – Lake Como Travel

      Hello Donna, ticket trains are usually the same price, whether you buy them in advance or on the spot. The advantage is that by purchasing it in advance, such as via app, you can avoid queues at the vending machines and immediately start your trip. The train from Bellagio to Lecco leaves every two hours, more or less (here is the timetable). Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Hoping you can help I have just booked a flight into Milan and we get into Milan at 23.35pm on the 8th and then need to travel to lake como. Would prefer the train but any help for the best for this would be great thank you! Also have to be back in Milan airport at 6am on the 11th august.

    On a budget and trying to celebrate my hubbies 50th birthday without to much stress

    1. Alessandro – Lake Como Travel

      Hello Lisa, it is difficult for me to give you an answer because I don’t know which airport in Milan you are arriving at or which town in Lake Como you want to reach. If you give me more details I will try to give you a solution, but consider that your arrival time is very late and you may have to rely on a cab to reach your destination because public transportation does not operate all night!

  3. Thomas

    Is there any luggage storage near Como train station and how far is Como train to Como city centre

  4. Tracie

    Hi what is the earliest time for the ferry from Bellagio to operate to go to vareena or Como in July summer

    1. Alessandro - Lake Como Travel

      Hello Tracie, the first boats from Bellagio leave around 8 am in summer 🙂

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