Lake Como's towns

The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns. 

At the end of the left branch there is the city of Como, giving its name to the lake. On the right side, beyond the hills of the Larian Triangle (Triangolo Lariano), you can find Lecco. All of the other municipalities facing Lake Como are in the province of Como or Lecco.

Popular Lake Como towns (such as BellagioTremezzo, or Varenna) have such a charm that many world-renowned celebrities decided to spend part of their lives there; some settled for a short amount of time, others for entire years. Towns on Lake Como have their own history and tradition, and you will see it by simply walking around their narrow alleys. It is not uncommon to come across bits of history like medieval churches and monumentsancient towers, and gardens, which offer a magnificent glimpse of the old days.

Argegno Lake Como


Bellagio Lake Como


Cernobbio Lake Como


Gravedona Lake Como

Gravedona ed Uniti

Menaggio Lake Como


Nesso Lake Como


Tremezzo Lake Como


Varenna Lake Como