Lake Como

Nesso, a paradise for those seeking calm

Literally split in half by its famous gorge, Nesso is a picturesque village sitting on the banks of Lake Como.

Nesso is smaller than the nearby – and more popular – Bellagio, but it’s a real heaven for those who seek peace, tranquility, and all the regenerating aspects of slow-living.

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Nesso gorge, Lake Como

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What to do in Nesso, Italy

Nesso town center
The town center

The ancient taste of local food and culture

Nesso gorge and Ponte della Civera
Nesso gorge and Ponte della Civera

Majestic waterfall and breathtaking view

Strada Regia and Careno
Strada Regia and Careno

A green walk from Como to Bellagio

Boat tours
Boat tours & beaches

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

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Hotel Tre Rose, Nesso
5 best places to sleep

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Experiences & tours
Experiences & tours

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Map of Nesso

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The ancient taste of local food and culture

As for many other lake towns, when walking around the streets of Nesso you jump back some hundreds of years. Houses made of stone, small boutiques selling only what is necessary, and, above all, tons and tons of steps.

Nesso is a small charming village both from a naturalistic and historical point of view, but is also a good place to enjoy some local food.

The typical flavors of these areas are a mixture of hills and mountains: a well-known local delicacy is polenta taragna, seasoned with butter and cheese. Another typical dish is missoltini, which is Agone fish sun dried and stored in a jar with salt and laurel.

Nesso, Lake Como, Italy
A cobbled alley in the old town center

The Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo

Walk among the typical houses of the old town center and reach the Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo.

Nesso history goes back to the ancient Roman times, although most of its interesting historical landmarks, such as the church, belong to more recent times.

The church was inaugurated in 1095 by Pope Urbano II, but what you see today is a reconstruction in the Baroque style of the 1600s. If you love Holy art you should see its interior, widely decorated, that consists of a single nave covered with numerous frescoes and paintings.

Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo, Nesso
Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo, Nesso (picture:

Majestic waterfall and breathtaking view

After a short walk, you will reach Piazza Castello, the central part of the village. As soon as you get there, you will immediately hear the typical noise of a waterfall coming from a gorge that snakes into Lake Como.

It’s the famous Nesso Gorge, locally known as Orrido di Nesso, probably one of the best natural wonders that you can find around the lake.

Enjoy a stunning view of the waterfall from Ponte della Civera, a Romanesque bridge made of stone that you can reach from Piazza Castello; this is a nice place to take pictures of the amazing waterfall.

Yes, you have to deal with something like 340 steps, but the view is worth the effort! It’s a real paradise for nature lovers. And once you’re there, you can also take the opportunity to refresh yourself with a swim in the lake.

Nesso gorge and Ponte della Civera
Nesso gorge and Ponte della Civera

Two pleasant walks in the surroundings

Strada Regia, Nesso
Strada Regia

Nature enthusiasts and wildlife observers will enjoy some hiking on the ancient Strada Regia, a footpath that connects Como to Bellagio.

Just follow the directions from Piazza Castello and look for the Nosé, one of the two streams which gives birth to the waterfall within the gorge (the other one is called Tuf).

Church San Martino, Nesso
Church San Martino, Nesso (picture:

Among the most interesting neighborhoods of Nesso there is Careno, once a separate municipality which currently constitutes the southern part of the village.

Careno hosts the Church of San Martino, a Romanesque building that is located a few steps away from a cozy beach that gets full of people on summer weekends.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Private and public tours

If you are looking for private boat tours from Nesso, here are some options that may be right for you!

Looking for information about public boat service? Read my guide to boats and ferries on Lake Como.
Public boat service is perfect if you are on a day trip and want to start your journey from Como, Varenna or other towns of the lake.

Beaches in Nesso

If you are in Nesso and want to relax on a beach, you can get to the public beach in Careno (via del Pontile), which is partly lawn and partly natural sand.

Discover the best beaches in Lake Como!

5 best places to sleep in Nesso

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Il Vecchio Borgo, Nesso

Il Vecchio Borgo

For couples

Balcone dei Limoni, Nesso

Balcone dei Limoni

For couples

Hotel Tre Rose, Nesso

Hotel Tre Rose

For couples

La Cascata, Nesso

La Cascata

For couples

Casa Vacanza Castagna, Nesso

Casa Vacanza Castagna

For couples

The best experiences around Nesso

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