Lake Como in winter: useful tips for your visit

lake como in winter

When looking for information about Lake Como in the web, you have surely come across blogs and websites that show the beauty of the lake and its towns in a wonderful summer atmosphere.

But what about Lake Como in winter? Is it worth a visit? The weather between December and February allows you to live pleasant experiences? Here I’ll show you why visiting Lake Como in winter can be a great idea. Find out more!

lake como in winter

More locals, less tourists! Discover Lake Como in winter

Lake Como is beautiful in any season, yet it is undeniable that during the winter its towns are far less crowded of tourists. You’ll be able to visit the small town centers and share this experience with locals, ending your day with a dinner in your favorite restaurant without waiting a minute for a free place. The ideal setting for an inspiring and romantic gateway.

Also, consider that from October through March (except for Christmas time) is low season in Lake Como. That means lower prices and more savings for you. So why not take advantage of it? Look out for your favourite place to sleep on Lake Como and book your winter holidays!

What to do on Lake Como in winter

Visiting Lake Como in winter gives you the chance to experience the area in a quite different way. Unless you are crazy enough to swim in the cool waters of the lake – just kidding, don’t do it at all! – I would suggest you to discover some of the best winter activities that Lake Como can offer.

Città dei Balocchi is probably the best that you can get. From mid December to January 6, the city of Como and its main attractions are dressed up with breathtaking light effects: you will see snowflakes falling on the Cathedral’s walls and on the surrounding buildings, giving birth to an exciting Christmas atmosphere.

During the holidays, Lake Como’s towns are also filled with fairs and stalls that will give you the opportunity to taste local delicacies, such as typical cheese and cold cuts. If you have the chance, try the risotto with luganega sausage!

Are you a sports person? If so, visit one of the nearby ski resorts, such as Monte San Primo (near Bellagio), Piani di Bobbio and Pian delle Betulle (on the eastern side of the lake), or Val Chiavenna (to the North).

TOP 5 places to sleep in Lake Como

Lake Como in winter: the weather

If you suffer from the cold, probably Lake Como is not your ideal winter destination. Winter temperatures drop dramatically, and so do the daylight hours. January is the coldest month, with an average low temperature of 1°C (33°F) and maximum of only 6°C (42°F), but it is not uncommon to drop below zero during the coldest nights (see Lake Como’s weather for more information). Remember to bring appropriate clothing!

Finally, just a couple of other information. Boat trips around Lake Como go in slow mode in winter. So, if you want to take a trip, I’d suggest you to visit the official website of Navigazione Lago di Como. Also, note that from mid November to mid April most of the villas are closed.

Want to live a unique experience? Lake Como is ready to amaze you, even in the winter!

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