Hiking and trekking

Walking around Lake Como is a wonderful experience that lets you keep in contact with nature. The hills surrounding the lake offer a lot of places for hiking and trekking, from easy walks for families to challenging trails for skilled hikers. The Greenway del Lago and the Spina Verde paths are suitable for anyone. But if you're looking for adventure, just be patient: descriptions of more challenging trails are coming soon.

During your walks around Lake Como, you will have the opportunity to relax and taste some traditional food within the refuges or inns strategically placed along your way. If you prefer to be guided by a professional mountain guide, feel free to contact the mountain communities that rule the area of your interest. Finally, before starting your hike in Lake Como, keep in mind the following rules:
      - Do not leave without getting information about the state of the routes
      - Wear clothes that are appropriate to the type of path
      - Plan your walk, in order to avoid unpleasant situations      
      - Get a map of the path that clearly shows references for orientation

Get the most out of your stay, wear some comfortable shoes, and… start your adventure!

Greenway del Lago di Como

Greenway del Lago di Como

Spina Verde Park Como

Spina Verde Park