Gravedona ed Uniti, Lake Como

Gravedona, Lake Como

Gravedona ed Uniti is a small town that came out of the merger, in 2011, of Gravedona, Consiglio di Rumo, and Germasino. Located on the north-western banks of Lake Como, Gravedona ed Uniti is the perfect destination for all who seek peacefulness and tranquility.

While walking in the streets of Gravedona, you can’t help but notice how its buildings, especially churches, evoke the charm of its past. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Gravedona, you won’t need to look further. Read this guide and get the most out of your stay!

Gravedona, land of history and charm

Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio

Your trip to Gravedona can start from a visit to the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio. It was built in the 12th century on a pre-existing Christian baptistery, and is one of the finest examples of late Romanesque art around Lake Como.

The church is characterized by the elegance of its decorations as well as for the walls, which are made with two stones of different colors so that the outer walls show bicolor horizontal bands. The interior of Santa Maria del Tiglio houses a wooden crucifix, which dates back around the 12th century and is the only one left in the Province of Como.

Santa Maria del Tiglio, Gravedona
Santa Maria del Tiglio

The splendor of the building is also due to the landscape in which it is located, thanks to its remarkable position overlooking Lake Como’s shore.

Continuing north, you will get to Viale Stampa. Here begins the long, beautiful lake promenade of Gravedona. In the small square next to the harbor you will find the tourist office, where you can ask for information about activities, attractions and hotels in Gravedona.

Piazza Prà Castello and Alessandro Volta’s house

Take a break in one of the many cafes that populate the lakeside of Gravedona, and then head for the old town center. Get to Piazza Prà Castello and enjoy the beautiful view of the bay. This was the meeting place for the Parish Church Council, which, according to the tradition, was summoned by the bell of the nearby church. Unfortunately, the old castle of Gravedona was largely demolished, in order to make way for the construction of Palazzo Gallio.

Piazza Prà Castello, Gravedona
Piazza Prà Castello
Alessandro Volta's house in Gravedona, Lake Como
Alessandro Volta's house

Another interesting thing to do in Gravedona is going to see the house of Alessandro Volta, where the inventor of the electrical battery spent much of his youth. It is located in Via Volta 2, which is very close to Piazza Prà Castello. The outside of the house looks quite spartan, with exposed brick walls and a commemorative plaque.

TOP 5 places to sleep in Gravedona

Some personal tips on where you could sleep:

Palazzo Gallio

Palazzo Gallio (Picture offered by TripAdvisor)

Now you can take Via Regina, the road that played a major role in the development of the territory, and get to Palazzo Gallio.

Palazzo Gallio was built in 1586 by bishop Tolomeo Gallio, as a demonstration of power over the feud Tre Pievi, which ruled the area of Gravedona, Sorico, and Dongo.

The building consists of four towers on each side and a magnificent lodge overlooking the water. The surrounding park is rich in gardens, fountains, and pools.

Santi Gusmeo and Matteo & Santa Maria delle Grazie

Your tour of Gravedona is not complete without a visit to the Church of Santi Gusmeo and Matteo, in addition to the nearby Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The Church of Santi Gusmeo and Matteo was built in 1533 on the site of an earlier late Romanesque church, by reversing the original orientation.

Church of Santi Gusmeo and Matteo, Gravedona
Church of Santi Gusmeo and Matteo

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was completed in the same period, and is full of frescoes from past centuries by local artists. From its front lawn, you can enjoy an amazing view of Gravedona and Lake Como.

If you love hiking, you have several choices. You can experience the beauty of nature within the Liro and Livo valleys, or you can take a stroll in the Park of Valle Albano, in the hamlet of Germasino.

Beaches and boat tours around Gravedona

If you are in Gravedona and want to relax on a beach, you can get to Serenella beach (located in Viale Scuri), which is partly lawn and partly natural sand.

Also, you have the chance to take a boat tour to enjoy Lake Como from a unique point of view.

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Population: 4248 (Jan 1, 2015)
Altitude: 201 m (659 ft)
Province: Como
Postcode: 22015
Neighboring towns: Colico, Domaso, Dongo, Dosso del Liro, Garzeno, Peglio, Roveredo (CH), San Nazzaro Val Cavargna, Sant’Antonio (CH), San Vittore (CH), Stazzona

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