Cernobbio, Lake Como

Cernobbio, Lake Como

Sitting at the feet of Monte Bisbino, Cernobbio is a small town located northwest of Como. It is a popular holiday resort because of its proximity to the city of Como and other popular lake towns such as Argegno and Tremezzina.

Cernobbio is also home to some of the most famous Lake Como villas, including the awesome Villa d’Este and Villa Erba. Enjoy your Italian trip, and find the best things to do in Cernobbio during your holidays!

Cernobbio, the beauty of villas and nature

Villa Bernasconi and Villa Erba

The history of Cernobbio dates back to the 12th century, when a small village started to arise next to a Christian cloister called Caenobium. Later, the introduction of a silk farm (owned by the rich Bernasconi family) was the reason of a major growth of the town.

When you get to Cernobbio from Como, you will come across Villa Bernasconi, the villa that was once the residence of the wealthy Bernasconi family. Over time, the villa has become an important cultural center and one of the most sought after Lake Como wedding venues because of its typical Liberty style and its wide garden, which makes it the perfect place to hold an elegant party.

Villa Bernasconi, Cernobbio
Villa Bernasconi

100 meters ahead, Villa Erba is where the famous director and screenwriter Luchino Visconti spent many of his summers. Villa Erba is a true masterpiece of 1800’s architecture, full of breathtaking frescos, rooms with inlaid walls, and majestic dancing halls that will let you live the atmospheres of The Leopard (Il Gattopardo).

Today, the villa still hosts many cultural and music events, in addition to weddings and international conferences or fairs. When no event is scheduled, visits are by appointment only and for groups of 10-15 people (entry is free unless you need a guided tour).

Villa Erba, Cernobbio
Villa Erba

Riva di Cernobbio

A five-minute walk from Villa Erba will lead you to Piazza Risorgimento, the lake promenade of Cernobbio. Here, both locals and residents enjoy taking an awe-inspiring view of Lake Como. This part of the town is locally known as Riva di Cernobbio and hosts many bars, restaurants, and even a playground for children. If you are a music lover, you will love the many events and concerts that take place on the Riva during summer.

Additionally, do not miss the chance to take a boat ride from the pier of Navigazione Lago di Como to other destinations of your interest, such as Como, Argegno, or Bellagio.

Cernobbio, Italy
Tip of Riva di Cernobbio

So, you’ve already packed your bags but… don’t know where to sleep?

La Corte di Zizì in Cernobbio gives you a choice of 5 cozy and fully equipped apartments which overlook a charming courtyard and are just a few minutes away from Lake Como. Otherwise, discover our selection of the best 5 places to sleep in Cernobbio!

TOP 5 places to sleep in Cernobbio

Some personal tips on where you could sleep

Villa d’Este

After a short walk across the narrow streets of Cernobbio you can reach the magnificent Villa d’Este, a Renaissance residence located on the shores of Lake Como. Villa d’Este has always been a resort for politicians, intellectuals, and ecclesiastics; today the villa is a luxury hotel with room rates averaging €540 a night and hosts important international conferences (like the Ambrosetti Forum), in addition to wealthy visitors and tourists.

Villa d'Este, Cernobbio
Villa d'Este

Via dei Monti Lariani

Those who prefer doing some hill walking can go for the long-distance footpath called Via dei Monti Lariani. This natural path starts in Cernobbio, at the feet of Monte Bisbino, and ends 125 km later in Sorico. The natural path is divided into four steps and gives you the chance to spend the night within the refuges or hotels located along the path.

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Population: 6776 (Jan 1, 2015)
Altitude: 201 m (659 ft)
Province: Como
Postcode: 22012
Neighboring towns: Blevio, Breggia (CH), Como, Maslianico, Moltrasio, Vacallo (CH)

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