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The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns. Quiet alleys, stunning views, beaches, enchanting villas… this and much more is what you can expect when visiting Lake Como’s towns. 

If you are planning your trip to Italy and want to maximize your stay on Lake Como, here is a list of the most popular towns that every year attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. 

Trust a local – me 😀 – and take some time to read the travel guides I have written about the 9 most popular towns on Lake Como. 

Get ready to live one of the most beautiful experiences ever!

Map of the best towns on Lake Como

Click the play button and explore the area


If you are planning your trip to Lake Como, I advise you to choose the place to stay depending on the duration of your visit, your needs and the budget you have available.

Here are some options:

– VISITS LASTING 3+ DAYS | If you have the chance to spend more than a couple of days on Lake Como, I would suggest you to find accommodation in one of the towns in the central part of the lake: BellagioMenaggioTremezzina or Varenna. In this way you can easily reach the nearest villages by ferry and get the best out of your holidays!

– DAY TRIPS FROM MILAN | If you have little time, I’d suggest you to take a train from Milan and visit Como, Lecco or Varenna.

– TOWNS MOST EASY TO WALK | If you want to avoid cobblestone streets or steep alleys, play it safe and head for the main towns (Como and Lecco).

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