ARGEGNO, Lake Como

Argegno, Lake Como

Argegno is a small and characteristic village, which overlooks Lake Como in the area of its major depth (around -410 meters).

Its proximity to ComoTremezzina, and other famous Lake Como’s towns makes it one of the destinations more loved by tourists from all around the world.

The Roman Bridge
The Roman Bridge

With Lake Como in front and Val d’Intelvi behind, Argegno represents a major turning point.

After walking along the characteristic narrow streets of the old town, don’t miss the chance to take in the beautiful surroundings: read this guide to discover the best things to do in Argegno!

THE TOWN CENTER | Lunch and walk by the lake

As soon as you get to Argegno, you will notice how many restaurants and cafés populate such a small area.

Most of them are located on the lakefront, so they offer exceptional views during your dining experience. You can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes ranging from the local lake fish (such as perch or misultin, for the more curious tastes) to the traditional Italian pizza. Get lost in the narrow streets of the town center!

Argegno, Lake Como
View of Argegno
The bust of Pietro Vassena

End your meal with homemade ice cream and a walk by the lake. You will come across the bust of Pietro Vassena, the engineer who, in 1948, made a memorable immersion in the waters off of Argegno on board the C3 submarine that he designed himself. He was able to touch the lake’s bottom (-410 meters), thus establishing the world record for depth.

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THE CHURCH AND THE ROMAN BRIDGE | Discover the past of the town

If you keep on walking along the lakeside, you will come to the Church of Santissima Trinità, which dates back to 1632. Under the rose window, the facade shows a mosaic depicting the four Evangelists, Sant’Abbondio (the patron saint of Como), and Sant’Anna (patron saint of Argegno).


Church of Santissima Trinità, Argegno
Church of Santissima Trinità
The Roman Bridge
The Roman Bridge

The church was built at the mouth of the Telo stream, a waterway that separates Argegno in two parts.

Just a few steps further, do not miss an incredibly characteristic glimpse of the town and admire the magnificent bridge which connects the two parts of Argegno!

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ARGEGNO PIGRA CABLE CAR | Some amazing spots for nature lovers

You might wonder where to find the best places near Argegno to enjoy some breathtaking views. Well, one of the coolest things to do is ride the Argegno Pigra cable car, which connects the two villages and takes you from 200 to 850 meters above sea level in as little as 5 minutes.

View of Lake Como from Pigra
View of Lake Como from Pigra

The cable car provides extraordinary views of both Lake Como and the Alpine foothills. Also, a café awaits all who choose to visit the village of Pigra at the top.

Hikers and trekkers, starting from the center of Pigra, in 1.30h can reach the Colonno refuge. Walk through the western coast and taste some local specialties. Remember to bring cash because they do not accept credit cards.

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BEACHES AND BOAT TRIPS | Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

If you are in Argegno and want to relax on a beach, you can choose Lido di Argegno beach, which is equipped with bar, sun beds and umbrellas.

Also, you have the chance to take a boat tour to enjoy Lake Como from a unique point of view. You can choose between public or private tours, depending on your needs and the budget you have available. Notice that public boat service is perfect if you are on a day trip and want to start your journey from ComoVarenna or other towns of the lake.


Beaches in Argegno

Boat trips

Lake Como ferries and boat tours

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Reach Argegno by car

Argegno is about an hour and a half drive from the Bergamo airport and an hour from Milan Malpensa and Linate. Once you arrive in Argegno, you can easily find parking in the town center.

Experience Lake Como at its best! Traveling by car, you can quickly reach some of the nearest towns to Argegno: Tremezzina, Como, Cernobbio, and many others. The best way to experience your holiday at your own pace!

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Population: 688 (Jan 1, 2015)
Altitude: 210 m (688 ft)
Province: Como
Postcode: 22010
Neighboring towns: Brienno, Colonno, Dizzasco, Lezzeno, Nesso, Pigra, Schignano

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