Argegno, Lake Como, Italy


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Gravedona ed Uniti

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Varenna, Lake Como, Italy


Lake Como, also known as Lario, is a fluvio-glacial lake located in the north of Lombardy.

It is the third largest of the Italian lakes and, with a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters (448 yards), is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe.

Its characteristic shape, reminiscent of an inverted Y, results from the melting of glaciers combined with the erosive action of the ancient Adda river, which led to the formation of the two branches that enclose the lower basin of the lake.

The villas in Lake Como are some of the most beautiful destinations in all of Italy.

Each Lake Como villa has its own unique charm and atmosphere. Some of them have become luxury hotels, while others provide exceptional activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Most of Lake Como villas are located outside of Como city, in some cases they’re only surrounded by nature and their magnificent gardens. Here, you will find a list of the best villas in Lake Como.

The shores of Lake Como are studded with beaches and resorts, where both locals and tourists find some relaxation on the hottest days.

Here you will find a list of Lake Como’s best beaches, subdivided by area (Como branch, Lecco branch, Colico branch).

This way, you will have the opportunity to choose the beach that is most convenient for you.

Isola Comacina is the only island of Lake Como.

Located in the waters off Tremezzina, just a few kilometers north of Argegno, this small piece of land is almost uninhabited and welcomes a lot of curious visitors in the period between March and October.

Isola Comacina overlooks the Zoca de l'oli, a bay that takes that its name from the local production of olives, which is favored by the particularly mild climate that characterizes the area.

The areas surrounding Lake Como greatly benefit from the proximity to such a large mass of water.

Lake Como's weather is indeed quite pleasant, and is characterized by its Mediterranean conditions that allow the growing of sub-tropical plants throughout the year.

The best time to visit Lake Como and its surrounding areas would be from April to October, when the weather gets warm and mild.