Lake Como beaches

The shores of Lake Como are studded with beaches and resorts, where both locals and tourists find some relaxation on the hottest days. Here you will find a list of Lake Como’s best beaches, subdivided by area (Como branch, Lecco branch, Colico branch). This way, you will have the opportunity to choose the beach that is most convenient for you.

Lake Como beaches – The Como branch (south-west)


Lido di Argegno. The beach of Argegno is situated near the little harbor of the town. Fully equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, this grassy beach is suitable both for families and groups of friends. Guests can buy some food and drinks at the bar. Ample parking space is available.

lido di argegno

Address: Viale Lungo Telo di destra, Argegno
Phone: + 39 340 720 6565
Website: Lido di Argegno


Lido di Bellagio. Located near the Villa Melzi gardens, the LiBe is a beautiful beach club for people who want to get a tan on some comfortable sun beds, or simply enjoy the fresh air of Lake Como in the shade of a gazebo. A well stocked bar and free Wi-Fi are available for guests.

Lido di Bellagio

Address: Via Paolo Carcano 1, Bellagio
Phone: + 39 031 951 195

San Giovanni beach (FREE ENTRY). This is a cute pebbly beach in the neighborhood of San Giovanni of Bellagio. Given its nature, we don’t recommend this beach to people with disabilities. During the summer months, the beach hosts a bar selling ice cream, drinks, and food.

san giovanni beach, bellagio

Address: Via Paolo Carcano 28, loc. San Giovanni, Bellagio


Lido di Cernobbio. People are not allowed to swim in the waters off of Cernobbio. But if you want to spend a sunny day in a beautiful setting, this is the right place. The beach club is located at the end of the Riva di Cernobbio, and is equipped with deckchairs, umbrellas, and a pool. Parking places can be found near the beach.

lido di cernobbio

Address: Piazza Risorgimento 5, Cernobbio
Phone: +39 031 444 6437


Lido di Villa Olmo. During summer, this is one of the busiest Lake Como beach facilities. The Lido is equipped with solarium areas and two pools, one for children and one for adults. People have the opportunity to rent umbrellas, deckchairs, and sun beds. There are also a bar and a wellness area. Ample parking space is available.

lido villa olmo, como

Address: Via per Cernobbio 2, Como
Phone: +39 031 570 871

Open – Lido di Villa Geno. This grassy beach offers a beautiful view of the Como villas on the opposite bank. People can rent umbrellas and sun beds, and can taste some traditional food at the restaurant of the beach. Parking places can be found near the beach.

lido di villa geno, como

Address: Viale Geno 13, Como
Phone: +39 031 306 127

Faggeto Lario

Lido di Faggeto (FREE ENTRY). This small beach is located in Faggeto Lario, and gets quite crowded in the summer.
Guests have the possibility of renting sun beds or buying food and drinks at the bar of the beach. Parking places are along the street.

lido di faggeto

Address: Piazza Scotti 1, Faggeto Lario
Phone: +39 333 934 4619


Griante beach (FREE ENTRY). This stony beach offers its guests the chance to rent umbrellas, deckchairs, and canoes. People can take a break and eat something at the bar on the beach. Parking places are along the street that leads to Griante.

lido di griante

Address: loc. Ponte dei Ronconi, Griante

Lido di Cadenabbia. The Lido is a few hundreds meters away from Tremezzo, and is fully equipped with sun beds, deckchairs, and a pool. The structure, which also includes a bar, offers a magnificent view of Bellagio. Ample parking space is available.

lido di cadenabbia

Address: Via Regina 8, loc. Cadenabbia, Griante
Phone: +39 0344 417 23


Careno beach (FREE ENTRY). Careno, located in the southernmost part of Nesso, hosts a beach that consists partly of lawn and partly of natural sand. You can get there by foot, simply following the walkway that takes you through the ancient village.

Careno beach in Nesso

Address: Via del Pontile, Nesso

Pognana Lario

Riva di Quarzano (FREE ENTRY). The Riva di Quarzano is one of Lake Como’s beaches more loved by locals. It is a wide green area on the shores of the lake, and you can get there only after a long and steep walk. Don’t go there if you are not able to face the hundreds of rocky steps. The beach does not provide any services, but there’s a bar at the beginning of the walk. Parking places are along the street.

pognana beach

Address: Riva di Quarzano, Pognana Lario


Lido di Lenno. Gazebos, sun beds, restaurant, and sandy beach, all within the magic setting of the Venus Bay (Golfo di Venere). On summer nights, Lido di Lenno becomes a popular beach club, a reference point for many young locals.

lido di lenno

Address: Via Comoedia 1, loc. Lenno, Tremezzina
Phone: +39 0344 570 93

Lido di Ossuccio (FREE ENTRY). This is a grassy beach that owes its beauty to its surroundings of Isola Comacina (which you can reach from the nearby dock) and the ancient Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. During summertime the park gets quite crowded.

lido di ossuccio

Address: Parco Ospedaletto, loc. Ossuccio, Tremezzina
Phone: +39 338 368 4816

Parco Meier in Tremezzo (FREE ENTRY). The park hosts some secular trees, a bar, a stony beach, and a volleyball court. In summer, the pro-loco uses Parco Mayer as a venue for outdoor events and manifestations. Parking places are along the street.

Address: near Via Statale 47, loc. Tremezzo, Tremezzina

Lake Como beaches – The Lecco branch (south-east)

Abbadia Lariana

Lido di Abbadia (FREE ENTRY). This is a beautiful grassy beach, equipped with a bar and deckchairs. Located at the northern end of the lake promenade of Abbadia, the park is a very cozy and quiet place for people who need some relaxation.

lido di abbadia

Address: Parco di Chiesa Rotta, Abbadia Lariana
Phone: +39 0341 732 284


Lido Orsa Maggiore. The Orsa Maggiore was born to entertain local youth. It’s not a simple beach; it also includes a restaurant and a club, as well as the possibility to rent pedal boats and canoes.

lido orsa maggiore

Address: Via Lungolario Piave 5, Lecco
Phone: +39 347 677 0599

Mandello del Lario

Lido Mandello del Lario (FREE ENTRY). Spend the day at this cute beach, which offers the possibility for its guests to rent umbrellas and sun beds. There is also a bar where you can buy something to eat for lunch and dinner.

lido di mandello

Address: Via Medaglie d’Oro Mandellesi, Mandello del Lario
Phone: +39 0341 700 543

Oliveto Lario

Theriva (FREE ENTRY). The beach of Onno Nord (a neighborhood of Oliveto Lario) is quite long and pebbly, and the waters are crystal clear. Theriva is fully equipped with services, including a restaurant and a cocktail bar.

Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, loc. Onno, Oliveto Lario
Phone: +39 031 444 9772


Lido di Varenna-Perledo. The sandy beach of Varenna is equipped with sun beds, deckchairs, and a boat dock. In the vicinity you can also find a restobar. The beach actually takes place in the neighboring town of Perledo.

lido di varenna

Address: Via Lido 4, Perledo
Phone: +39 0341 815 370, +39 340 356 7688

Fiumelatte beach (FREE ENTRY). The locality Fiumelatte, a neighborhood of Varenna, has several beaches of sand or stones.

Address: loc. Fiumelatte, Varenna

Lake Como beaches – The Colico branch (north)


Lido di Bellano. Here you’ll find a cool Lake Como beach, perfect for families. This sandy beach, in fact, is equipped with a bar, showers, and a swimming pool for children. You can also rent deckchairs and sun beds. The beach is located on the lake promenade of Bellano.

lido di bellano

Address: Via Martiri della Libertà 3, Bellano
Phone: +39 0341 810 066


Lido di Colico. This is a wide beach of sand and grass. It hosts a bar, a soccer field, and a tennis court, as well as a kitesurf and windsurf school. Guests have the possibility of renting deckchairs, sun beds, and canoes.

Address: Via Lungolario Polti 4, Colico
Phone: +39 0341 941 393

Laghetto di Piona (FREE ENTRY). The beach of Laghetto di Piona is definitely one of the coolest beaches in Colico, with its large grassy lawn and the big plane trees which provide cool shade. Ample parking space is available.

Address: Via Laghetto, Colico


Dervio beach (FREE ENTRY). This sandy and grassy beach is not equipped, but behind it there is an encampment with a bar and various services. It is located very close to the lake promenade of Dervio.

dervio beach

Address: Via alla Darsena, Dervio


Lido di Menaggio. This is a great place to spend your time, all within one of the most charming towns of Lake Como. The beach is suitable for the whole family, with two swimming pools and some games for children. The beach of Menaggio also hosts a big restaurant, which can host hundreds of guests.

lido di menaggio

Address: Via Roma 11, Menaggio
Phone: +39 0344 30645

Lerai (FREE ENTRY). This public beach hosts a kiosk where you can buy some food and drinks. You can also rent pedal boats, canoes, and rowing boats.

Address: Via dei Cipressi, Menaggio

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