Boat trips around Lake Como

Boat tours around Lake Como

Boat trips and tours are something that I’d definitely recommend to anyone who wants to experience Lake Como at its best.

Whether you are visiting Lake Como for a day or staying longer, jump aboard a boat, relax and reach your favourite destination: Bellagio, Varenna, Como, or maybe one of the historical villas on the shores of the lake.

The first thing you have to know is that boat tours are basically of two types: public or private. You can choose the experience you prefer based on your needs, especially the time and budget you have available.

Public tours

Boat trips around Lake Como

The local public navigation service (Navigazione Laghi) provides several routes that connect all of the most popular towns along Lake Como’s shores, at a convenient price.

Private tours

Varenna boat tours

With a driver at your disposal you have the chance to choose your favorite itinerary and the length of your cruise. The best to experience Lake Como at your own pace.

Public boat tours on Lake Como

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The public boat service is provided by Navigazione Laghi, whose fleet basically consists of three types of boats:

Lake Como boat tours

Fleet, routes and timetables

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Public boat tours on Lake Como

Motorships operate two main routes, Como-Colico and Lecco-Bellagio. It is a very peaceful journey that gives you the chance to admire the surrounding coasts and take a lot of amazing pictures.

Tip: with a little advance planning, you will be able to visit at least two or three towns in a single day. You can start from Como in the morning and get to Bellagio in the early afternoon, then you can head to Tremezzo and travel back to Como in time for dinner.


Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated timetables.


Lake Como boat tours

Hydrofoils provide a fast service, for a slightly higher price. The journey includes fewer stops, although the major destinations are always guaranteed.

Tip: if you have little time, fast service could be the best choice. For example, you can hop on a hydrofoil from Como at 9 am and get to Bellagio at 9:46; a cool start of your tour that can also include a lunch in Varenna, where you can get by ferry.


Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated timetables. In the Route Planner, always check the box “INCLUDE FAST SERVICE”.


Lake Como's ferries

Traveling by car? If so, ferry is a perfect choice. Ferries are much bigger than normal motorships, and connect only the following towns located in the central part of the lake: Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio and Cadenabbia.


Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated timetables.

Tickets and fares

Remember to buy your ticket before getting on board. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office near the dock of almost any town (onboard purchase – with cash/credit card and without any additional cost – is allowed in case of towns with no ticket office). People with disabilities can always buy the ticket on board without extra charge.

At the moment you cannot buy tickets in advance or online, so I’d recommend you to go to the ticket office about 20 minutes before the departure.

One-way tickets

To calculate the exact amount of a one-way ticket, click here and, in the table on the left, select your starting point and your desired destination; you will find a number that corresponds to the selected route, here called “strecht”; now, look at the upper table on the right – “One-way ticket prices” – and find out the corresponding fare.

Any examples?

  • One-way ticket Como-Bellagio (by motorship): €10.40
  • One-way ticket Como-Bellagio (by hydrofoil, the fast service): €14.80
  • One-way ticket Lecco-Bellagio (by motorship): €8.30

One-day / six-day pass

Holders of these tickets are entitled to an unlimited number of trips within the area of validity, including intermediate stops. Each pass is personal and non-transferable; both one-day and six-day tickets are valid on fast service runs – upon payment of the relative supplement – and are not valid on night cruises, except where otherwise not indicated.

Any examples?

  • One-day pass for the area Como-Bellagio: €23.30
  • Six-day pass for the area Como-Bellagio: €69.90
  • One-day pass for the area Lecco-Bellagio: €19.40

Ferry tickets

The cost of a ferry ticket (excluding car) is €4.60 per person. Remember that ferries connect only Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna and Cadenabbia. If you want to embark with your car, with a bike or other vehicles, find some detailed information about the vehicle transportation charges here.

Any examples?

  • One-way ticket Varenna-Bellagio for a couple with a regular car: between €12.60 and €15.50
  • One-way ticket Varenna-Tremezzina for 3 people with 3 motorbikes: between €19.20 and €25.80
  • One-way ticket Bellagio-Cadenabbia for 4 people with a camper: €29.50

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Private boat tours on Lake Como

Most of the towns will give you the chance to take a boat tour on Lake Como with a driver at your disposal. The cost of this service is obviously higher, but doing so will let you choose your favorite itinerary and the length of your cruise. Here are some companies that currently provide this kind of service.

Bellagio private boat tours

Bellagio boat tours

Taxi Boat Bellagio

Bellagio boat tours

Barindelli Taxi Boats

Cernobbio private boat tours

Cernobbio boat tours

Taxi Boat Cernobbio

Como private boat tours

Como boat tours

Faggeto Lario private boat tours

Faggeto Lario boat tours

Lecco private boat tours

Cernobbio boat tours

Taxi Boat Lecco

Lenno private boat tours

Lenno boat tours

Taxi Boat Lenno

Lezzeno private boat tours

Lezzeno boat tours


Sala Comacina private boat tours

Sala Comacina boat tours

Boat Services

Tremezzo private boat tours

Tremezzo boat tours

Galli Boat Service

Varenna private boat tours

Varenna boat tours

Taxi Boat Varenna

If you’re planning to visit Milan and the surrounding area, a road trip could be a fun and affordable option for your summer travel. Travel at your pace and drive to Varenna or Bellagio. then hop on a boat and visit the other towns in the central part of Lake Como.

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