Boat trips around Lake Como

Boat tours around Lake Como

Boat trips around Lake Como are a great way to observe the area from a unique point of view, especially during the summer. Many tourists love to ride the gentle waves of Lake Como, while admiring the ancient villas and towns that populate its shores.

Before moving on, you should know that boat tours are basically of two types:

Here is an overview of the boat tours that you can do.

Public boat tours on Lake Como

The public boat service is provided by Navigazione Lago di Como, whose fleet basically consists of three types of boats: motorships, hydrofoils, and ferries.

Public transport is also used by the locals to move from one lake town to another, that’s why almost every town has its own boat landing.

Remember that you can always buy your ticket at the offices next to the boat landings.

Motorships, for those who want to enjoy the view

If you want to enjoy your trip and also take some pictures, we recommend to you this first type of boat. The motorships navigate Lake Como from coast to coast, reaching most of the towns that lie on its shores.

Boat trips on Lake Como

With a day ticket, you will have the opportunity to visit more than one town in a single day (cost varies depending on the area of validity). All of the major tourist destinations can be reached by boat: Como, Argegno, Bellagio, Gravedona, Tremezzina, and many more; you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Hydrofoils, for those who want to quickly reach their destination

Hydrofoils provide a fast service, for a slightly higher price. The journey includes fewer stops, although the major destinations are always guaranteed.

This type of boat will take you from Como to Bellagio in 45 minutes,  and from Como to Colico (which is located in the upper part of the lake) in less than two hours!

Ferries, for those who move by car

Ferry is the perfect choice for travelers who wish to visit Lake Como and move around by car. Lake Como’s ferries are much bigger than normal motorships, and connect only the following towns located in the central part of the lake: Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio, and Cadenabbia.

Always remember to check the timetable on the official website of Navigazione Lago di Como, where you will find the solution that best suits your needs.

Lake Como ferry

If you’re planning to visit Milan and the surrounding area, a road trip could be a fun and affordable option for your summer travel. Travel at your pace and drive to Varenna or Bellagio. then hop on a boat and visit the other towns in the central part of Lake Como.

Taxi boat service and private tours

Most of the towns will give you the chance to take a boat tour on Lake Como with a driver at your disposal. The cost of this service is obviously higher, but doing so will let you choose your favorite itinerary and the length of your cruise. Here are some companies that currently provide this kind of service.

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